We were looking forward to the presentation of the Bro-coli project. It is a collaboration with one of the first co-living projects in the Czech Republic, which offers renting premium co-living with space for working, studying and meeting. We provide full marketing support here.

The first step was to approve the marketing strategy and then create a detailed media and content plan, which clearly displays the scheduled posts and all paid advertising with evaluation.

We worked on the Bro-coli project together with our partner agency Mediasharks, where they fine-tuned a great and colourful visual identity. At ON BOARD, we followed up with the creation of a bespoke web solution. In the first phase, we created a clear Microsite that served as a onepage presentation website with a form to collect leads, before the actual launch of the site. We continued with the second phase, where automating most of the processes was important. This is a comprehensive solution on our part that will make the whole process of selecting housing and closing the contract online easier for students.

At the same time, we launched further marketing activities according to a detailed marketing strategy. For example, take a look at the “bro-colic” profiles on social networks!

We enjoy working on exceptional projects, which Bro-coli definitely is, and bringing as much success as possible to our clients in the marketing field.



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