JLL offers a wide range of office, industrial and logistics properties. Support, speed and efficiency in marketing were the main building blocks in the start of the cooperation.

At JLL in the Czech Republic, we take complete care of marketing. This diverse project requires the involvement of almost all departments of our agency. Our common goal is to build the brand and awareness of JLL as a well-known brand.

As part of this, we use various marketing tools (from SEO work to PPC and brand campaigns). We work significantly with social media, especially LinkedIn, which is powerful for generating new leads. We have created a dedicated landing page as part of the transition to a new search engine for better campaign functionality. Our overall support includes graphic design work, social content creation and writing articles not only for digital but also for print.

We set up the overall collaboration to deliver results for the client with a real impact on their business and brand position.



Whether you’re a small or large company dealing with minor or major issues, let us know. Together, we’ll get you started in the right direction.

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